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Global Mobility

Companies are going international. As our globe gets smaller, companies want to send more and more employees overseas. Those employees have concerns as to how an international assignment is going to affect them, but the cost should not be one of them. Beta Solutions CPA, LLC has experience managing the process of ensuring your employees receive the best tax services and the company manages the costs of international assignments.

Tax Orientations

Prior to your employees going overseas, we offer comprehensive tax orientation services, custom tailored to meet your employee's needs. All people are different and thier international assignment will affect them differently. This is a great start to getting your employees more comfortable with thier decisions as they embark on their assignment.

Tax Preparation

Getting your employees taxes done here is easy, until they go on an international assignment. Now you are dealing with tax treaties, foreign earned income exclusions, foreign tax credits, etc. Here at Beta Solutions CPA, LLC, we have years of experience preparing international returns to meet your client's needs.

Foreign Tax Return Preparation

Getting a return prepared in the United States is pretty easy. When you employees go overseas, however, they will also likely need a tax return to be prepared in the country of their assignment. Here at Beta Solutions CPA, LLC, we will work to have your returns prepared for your employees with a focus on customer service. One feature we offer many others don't: in many cases we have access to many tax return preparers in the country of assignment for your employees. If your employees are not satisfied with their level of service, we can offer another vendor.

Finally, we work with your foreign preparer to deliver you a seamless service. Conditions apply and we will provide details in our initial meeting on request.

Tax Equalization

Tax Equalization services seeks to make the employee whole. Many employees will travel to countries, where they will have an exorbitant amount of foreign taxes and without tax equalization, the cost of those taxes would keep your best employees from taking the assignments your company needs. Through the process of tax equalization, we will seek to place the employee in a place, no better and no worse off had they not taken the assignment. This saves the employee stress and the company money.

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