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Payroll Tax

Do you hate payroll?

Seems like a strange question coming from a payroll company. Truth be told: most people hate it. It is tedious, long, boring and getting in the mind set to run it takes too long. Once it is run, all most people say: Whew! One more pay period done.

Here at Beta Solutions CPA, LLC, we are passionate about payroll! With the possible exception of taxes themselves, payroll is the place where we can make a difference in people's lives. If the payroll is done right, people are grateful even to the point of our process going unnoticed. If it is done wrong: a volcano has no fury compared to that of an injured payee. It must be done right... Period.

Here are some common thoughts about switching switching your payroll either from another company or from you to us:

"Switching over is painful:"

"I can manage my payroll myself:"

"I have an employee to handle this:"


How can Beta Solutions, CPA, LLC help you?


If you want to return to running to your business and let us handle the hassle of payroll, call or email us to discuss moving your payroll to us at 703-476-2234 or