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Human Resources

Beta Solutions CPA, LLC provides a wide range of services to individuals and businesses in a variety of industries. At Beta Solutions CPA, LLC, we strive to meet each client's specific needs in planning for the future and achieving their goals in an ever-changing financial and regulatory environment.

Our professional services include:

Strategic Managment Consulting

When one see strategic management consulting, one normally thinks of the large corporations (Microsoft, Google, Samsung, etc.), small companies need this service, too. The question is, who has the time to develop a strategic plan? Also, what is the value in developing a strategic plan?

The answer to the first is with our guidance, you do! Having developed strategic management plans for large and small companies, Beta has developed a system to understand your organization efficiently and meet your needs with a plan to put you on the top.

The answer to the second question of value of a strategic plan is simple: Time and peace of mind. Think of long distance driving from one state to the next, Los Angeles to Florida, as I did when I was younger. The path from Los Angeles to Florida can be accomplished by driving Interstate 10, but assume there is no interstate. Now, one can simply go east until they arrive, but we all know that not all roads are straight. Some will curve and detours are going to happen... Bad Weather and we may get lost. Those traveling with you will likely get stressed and want to abandon the trip altogether.

Now imagine I give you a Smart Phone with a map app on it. Now you are going to avoid detours (or at least manage them better) and you will take the shorter path saving time and having peace of mind. It is the same for your company. Even better, your employees (those traveling with you) will likely stick around and follow you to the end.

Beta Solutions offers the following services and more in building your strategic plan:

  • Assessment of your current situation
  • Design of a New Strategic Plan
  • Development of a New Strategic Plan
  • Implementation of the New Strategic Plan
  • Evaluation of Results

Change Managment

"The only thing in the universe that is constant is change." What this quote means is you have two choices, one is to make change happen or to allow change to happen. If you are ahead of the curve, you will want to choose the first. At Beta we analyze your organization and try to make businesses' change management more successful. As stated below, all change events need a good plan to follow. as part of the change management process, we will offer the following:

  • A Performance Analysis
  • An Cause Analysis
  • Intervention Selection, Design and Development
  • Intervention Implementation and Change
  • Evaluation

With the above change plan, we will work together to meet your organizational needs and the success of your overall organizational goals.

Compensation Consulting

There are many reasons employees come to and stay at a company, but compensation is the one item, you can control directly with them. If you think of benefits, work place policies, workforce development programs, training initiatives, they affect a group of people. The one thing the company can change to directly impact an employee is the their compensation.

These services include but are not limited to:

  • Review of Compensation Plans as the Stand today
  • Analysis of the organization's goals toward compensation
  • Development of company wide compensation plan
  • Implementation of compensation plans
  • Surveys of employee satisfaction for employee plan

Employee Benefits Consulting

Employees benefits may not directly affect only one employee, but they impact their everyday life. With the new laws coming online more has to be done to keep up with the trends. Furthermore, not only is the company trying to stay compliant, they are trying to keep employees (which is the main purpose of the benefits in the first place.)

As when engaging in any form of change, a plan works best to allow for the change to achieve maximum potential of satisfaction. Satisfaction of your employee's options for benefits are one of the goals, your organization has. Beta will offer as a part of benefits consulting the following services:

  • Assessment of the Benefits
  • Design of Benefits Tailored to your Organization
  • Development of your Benefits
  • Implementation of your Benefits for Change
  • Evaluation of the New Benefits after Implementation

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