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Tax Preparation

Individual Taxation

Individual Tax Preparation is a very personal service. When you choose your next tax preparer, you have to hand over all of your private life and feel comfortable about discussing topics, you might not even feel comfortable talking to with your children or parents. 

At Beta Solutions CPA, LLC, we focus our own personal training on attaining certifications, degrees and continuing education, but the reason we do is to be ready. We want to be ready to be dependable, when you need us. The overall goal is the establishment of the relationship. If you have a good relationship with a CPA, who is very knowledgeble about your tax situation and has the education to work with you, our suggestion is to keep working with them. If your relationship has been faltering as of late, please feel free to give us a call to see, if we can offer you more. 

Company Taxation

Most companies have a person designated as the accountant. At some companies, it is someone, who is very experienced and was selected after a long recruitment plan was executed (this person might even be a CPA or CMA). At other companies, it is the person, who is best able to use Excel and keep track of expenses. Here at Beta Solutions CPA, LLC, we see them all, but we also work with them to get them into a system, where the can not only maintain compliance with the IRS or their regulatory agency, we take them to the next level, where we can take the compliance and make it into a tool for financial success. 

If you are not currently working with a CPA, or if you are looking to change your current CPA situation... please feel free to reach out to us using the "Schedule Appt." button to the right.